Why don't the hills have eye gens (Siblings of the many bow ties who are first) - Use flesh clocking wandering eyes for dating?

If the reapers are not the sowers after jumping on the ferry to 'Imp'pression what are actually the giant children of the Bible.

The Devil looking pretty in the green.

And although they may skip town in slick shoes for a while looking to justify themselves, are told that it would be better for them to tie a mill stone around thier neck and throw themselves into the deep.

If they don't waffle inane in Anna ties (Double entendre), waxing none native skins in disguise, and or change thier names via deep hole.

So if you don't die in your sins, where does the soul go that did not conceive?

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    8 months ago
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    the soul doesn't go anywhere it transforms into a butterfly within the shell of the once manifested flesh 

  • 8 months ago

    While more sinned roam abominations walk out of the Western Mosques, and mixed tribes carry shimmering blades with rickets and chemotherapeutic massages weep in after the conscience of daddies rattling hat.

    Beautiful scenery though 

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