What is the following Java Phone game called? (See details)?

There is a certain Java phone game that I used to play when I was little, back when phones weren't smartphones, around 2007/2008 or so. I think it was on a flipphone. All I remember about it is it was a 2D sprite-based platformer, fantasy setting which I think had something to do with dragons or maybe dragon was in the title, and the player character had purple-ish hair or dark blue hair that was styled upwards as if spiky, and held a sword in one hand which you could attack with, don't remember whether it was ranged attacks or melee ones. I got back recently to finding things from my past and getting back into these types of things, but this one game I couldn't find as of yet. I think it might've been developed by Gameloft but I'm not sure. What is the name of this game?

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