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Family and I maybe would like picking up an instrument, but which ones do we choose? We're mainly interested in the minimal genre.?

It seems that most minimal music composed up to date is centered around the piano. I suppose we could all learn the piano but we want to play together, so that's not an option. At least not for us all? Since we are talking about an ensemble, I guess instruments could be different.

However, that would bring an issue. As I said, most minimal music is for the piano, so a huge number of arrangements would be due. Not all instruments are suitable to be arranged to another, which is why I am here. On this line, I'd also like to know just how difficult it would be to arrange with the suitable instruments.

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  • 4 months ago

    For minimal (overall) instruments, I'd think something like:

    A keyboard synthesiser with touch-sensitive keys. That can be played as a piano, organ or many other instruments.

    A flute or similar.

    A snare drum.

    A bass of some sort.

    They cover a good range of sounds & could work together in various ways.

    They are also playable over a wide skill range, from simple childrens rhythms to very complex techniques.

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  • John
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    No, you don't just buy an instrument and fiddle around for a month and there you are a musician. But the journey to get there is also pleasurable. My thought is more fundamental - what music do you want to play? String quartet is violins, viola and cello, which can vary. Jazz might be trumpet or sax or both and piano with bass and percussion/drums of some sort. Rock would be guitar, bass, drums and maybe keyboard. Bluegrass or country might be banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar and even traditional instruments like zither or washboard. You don't want an electric guitar if you want to play Bach. Piano is considered easiest of the complex instruments (not the kazoo) to learn to play. Again. Music in general requires a large commitment. And lots of people sing, which is no instruments. Karaoke has become immensely popular, too.

    I'll add that "minimal music" doesn't mean much. Think about next year, too, and where you might be then. Easiest thing is to get a piano or guitar or both and start playing Row, Row, Row your Boat and such. Simple, familiar songs until your fingers learn where to go and what music actually means. You may think that "minimal music" is easier but trust me, Pet Seeger or the Carter family is FAR easier at first.

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  • 4 months ago

    The piano has always been recognized as fundamental for music learning. If you wish to include other family members, then ALL of your learning your instrument at the same time is one thing - but you can all learn MUSIC THEORY together. This is a huge undertaking - you will not be a Family Musical Group for years! A similar question has been asked here before - was that you? If not, search to answers to see if the responses there would be of help.

    Some instruments TRANSPOSE - like the clarinet, all the saxes, and all treble clef brass instruments. This will make the assignment of who-plays-what-part harder. But there are interchangeable arrangements available. Someone else has figured all this out for you - you just need to make sure you order the right SETS of books. You can look these over - with HELP from a music teacher - at I own many volumes of these for my students, and also for lighter classical situations like weddings. These are NOT CHEAP - but then, your whole plan is $$$$ to begin with.

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