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Tell me about your horse(s)! (Or horse experiences for the non-horse owners/riders out there)?

My question is what is your honest opinion on your horse(s)? And why? I'm just curious, not judging I swear. I love hearing about other peoples horses and experiences!

I think some people will always look at horses as only athletes that are meant to be perfect, and while I follow the rule of ‘fault of the rider before fault of the horse’ as if its written in the bible, I think everyone on here knows horses have individual personalities, and you can’t have a personality without flaws. Sometimes the unfixable flaws in my horses are what I love about them the most.

I got to talking about this the other day with my friend. She mentioned a flaw with her horse that has always been there and really isn’t something that can be helped. While it is a flaw that even I will admit that I could not handle in one of my horses, she loves everything about the horse despite that flaw and will overlook it and never consider getting rid of the horse even though the best of us would. It got me thinking. Horse people are crazy (myself included), I was thinking this in retrospect to her horse, but she doesn’t see it as a detrimental flaw.

I guess we are horse people because we are lucky enough to not have the good sense to look at a 1000+ lb animal with a personality of its own and think 'wow, even if I do everything right, that thing could kill me on accident.'

What about them is perfect, what is flawed, what made you fall in love with that specific horse and what drives you up the wall?

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    I think horse are cool creatures. I wouldn't own one personally though because they are a huge responsibility and a lot of work/money. Plus my dogs doesn't like them lol. 

    My uncle owns 3 of them on his farm. I got to ride them. They are only trail ride horses. I don't have much experience with them other than that. 

    I like watching horse shows too. 

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    I was a professional farrier for 20+ years and owned horses for 50+ years. I recall several horse owners telling me how dumb there horses were. I always thought to my self you have it backwards. Most horses are very smart and loyal. They can adapt to most conditions very well. I had a mare years ago that I roped off of. She was extremely quick .If a adult rode her she would jump out from under you if you were not ready. However my youngest daughter would get on and she would not go above a trot,and stop if she started slipping. I have many other horses and while working cows or roping they knew witch way they were going to run. I have had other horses that brought me home when I was totally lost. The outside of a horse brings out the person on the inside.

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    One of my horses is my rock. I believe that everyone gets one good horse and one good dog in their lives, I love all my horses but it’s like Sunny is part of my soul. I can honestly just tear up from just the thought him. When I go to the doctor and they do the blood pressure cuff thing he's what I think of to try to see if I can relax enough to affect my blood pressure. He's has seen me cry and heard me b**** about life more than any human ever will and, it's dumb to say, but if someone told me that I had to ride blind folded through a minefield then I would have no qualms of closing my eyes and letting him lose. He's amazing, and I trust him with myself completely, like to a stupid extent, but I honestly would rather have Sunny holding my hand then have the ability to claim that I have brains, so call me an idiot.

    Lip is my lovable moron, that I affectionately call my divorce horse. He was earned from my non-equestrians’ friends failed marriage to a barrel racer. He was a reject rodeo horse that flunked out of school because he (and I say this with all the love in my heart) is an idiot with the memory of a goldfish. He is more familiar with his natural flight instincts then a fish is familiar with water. That being said he has a bigger heart then any horse I have ever met, and he just wants to be good (which is good enough for me). It was the reason my friend told me he would sale him for a case of beer when I told him I was paying off my student loans couldn't afford to actually buy him at the time. If anything were to ever happen to me then I have already instructed my brother on exactly who to sale and give my horses to, but I've made him promise to under no circumstances rehome Lip, because only an idiot would buy that adorable stupid horse. But thanks to Lip I have moderately improved my ability to hold on and greatly improved my ability to fall as safely as possible.

    My six year old grey, Soda, was bought a year ago. He's a replacement for my amazing Sunny that I believe has earned his right to retire in the next few years and bless Soda's heart, because that is already a point against him. Sunny has set the bar high. I bought him because of the similarities I see in his personality to Sunny and because I like how eager and intelligent he is. He is curious and still has that young horse jumpiness when I comes to new things which I enjoy. And he loves attention and being around me which is always appreciated. Honestly, the only fault I can find is how god awful his trot is. Seriously, he has a strong back end and it's like sitting on a jack hammer, but my favorite thing to do is take long trail rides with a view and just enjoy the horse’s company which is best done at a walk in my opinion, so I can't bring myself to care.

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    I rode horses at camp when I was a kid but nothing particularly interesting happened, sorry. They seem like nice animals, at least when they're domesticated.

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