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My art teacher is making me feel terrible about everything I do....?

This is my first time posting on here, but it's worth a shot. 

My teacher has a specific vision. She doesn't respect that people can have artistic styles different than hers, and over the past two years, I've watched her tear down the confidence of many of my peers. This year, she's focused her attention on me. I thought it was bad last year, but this year, it's worse.My teacher likes to help herself to her students' materials and put her own touches on their work, to "complete it", in her words. She did this to many of my important pieces last year, even when I asked her not to. It's started again this year. Recently I was working on a charity painting of someone, and I was really excited about it. I was confident in it, and loved how it was turning out. A few classes ago, just as I was putting the finishing touches on it, she came over and turned her nose up at it, claimed that it "didn't look done" and pointed out at least five things that were wrong with it. It went well past constructive feedback. Like she always does, she helped herself to my watercolor palette (which isn't cheap) and started adding her own details. I then politely asked her to not paint over my work with my paints, and she responded by whining that she's a teacher and it's her job. She then proceeded to photocopy my painting and spent the rest of class right next to me, painting on the photocopy and drawing all over it, pointing out each and every thing she changed. I'm not really sure what to do.   

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    I used to teach painting and I cannot remember painting on a student's student's painting but i attended a very prestigious art school with some well known painters as my teachers and every now and then one of them would paint on a student's painting bu the was s famous that most student's felt honored to have them show them how to paint. However he did it mostly on oil painting and what they demonstrated could be wiped off or painted over and water color cannot and she does not sound like a well known artist and water color cannot be painted over or washed off. So I agree that she should not be doing that.

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    Your teacher is a pompous-***. Sure, there is constructive criticism, then there is outright bounded overstepping. I have never had an art teacher, or any teacher CHANGE my work.

    Be firmer and INSIST that the teacher LAYOFF of your work. I WOULD REPORT HER TO THE DEAN. She should never take a paintbrush to your work without expressed permission. Take her criticism, but ignore it if that is not helpful to you.

    Artwork is expressed by the artist, not transformed into the teacher''s personal taste. That is like me preparing a meal for a dinner party and having a guest add spices to my dish that I did not want to eat or serve. That teacher of yours needs to learn boundaries and you must TEACH her that!

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    I have attended college and took up Studio Art classes such as Figure drawing and painting. In the painting classes I do not think that the Art 

    Instructor would deliberately paint over the work that you were happy with doing once told them not to. I do agree though it was not right for the teacher to put down what you can do!

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    Painting over a student's painting is NOT her job. Talk to your school counselor about this, the learning environment you're in is being sabotaged by the teacher.   

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    Complain to the principal if it doesn't feel like your teacher is helping you. Criticism is her job, but disgracing your proud work is not. You could also just hide your work when she comes around.

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    just talk to the principal about it

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    Do something DIFFERENT.  As an artist you can change style.  For YEARS, I did what I didn't believe in, aced it, moved on.  You'll move on.

    By TOTALLY changing your style, you'll confuse her, won't mind her painting over. 

    I'd have TWO sets of water color paints, mine, a cheap one handy. 

    See her coming? Switch. 

    We're going to encounter opposition, some hostile. 

    Flexibility gives distance. 

    Also I'd THINK like her, FOR the exercise. Paint like her. 

    You'll grow from it. 

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