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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsSTDs · 2 months ago

Do you think I can still get a nice boyfriend although I have genital warts?

I was sexually assaulted and I'm trying to get rid of them but they are taking ages and may come back

Do you think I can still get a nice boyfriend?

I'm a good person so I'm upset this has happened

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Agree with Rosie that you have to be truthful about it. However my friend who is a nurse also unluckily got them from someone that didn't tell her. She said that the majority of people will be able to overcome the virus. She said it can take 1-1.5 years to clear. It will still help to use condoms. It doesn't completely prevent it but it might help. Particularly use them with spermicide. Just keep at it. Have faith that your body will put them to rest. And if you have children at some point, make sure to get them vaccinated with whatever version of Gardisol they have available at that time. I wasn't going to give it to my kid, but if we can eradicate cervical cancer in our lifetimes, it would be a wonderful thing. Stay on top of your regular visits to your gyno. It's not the end of the world but you don't want to be spreading it around just because someone was cruel to you. I'm sorry that happened to you. Even if it wasn't by s*xual assault, it's still a crumby thing for someone to knowingly pass that along. Try to find some solace in that it wasn't something much worse. You're not dirty or unclean. You just had something bad happen. Just hang in there.

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  • 1 month ago

    Do you not know they can cause cancer? I might be able to get rid of them for you but if might not work but I have seen it do amazing things like neutralize sludge that came out of my gall bladder when it ruptured. Usually people die if they don't have the gall bladder removed and the sludge cleaned up in the belly, it can cause sepsis or gang green.

  • Some times bad things happen to good people. 

    Any thing can happen when it comes to finding a relationship, just try to stay positive, be your self and be honest with him about your situation. The right one would want to be with you regardless. 

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  • Rosie
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    Yes just make sure you tell him

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Nope, nobody wants to date skanks with  genital warts.

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