Curious as to travelling and bags?

Hi all,

i have a flight from Brisbane to Jersey via singapore airlines. I have a layover in singapore of 2 hours and a layover in manchester of 1 hour 45 minutes. I'm wondering at manchester do i have to grab my bags and re check in them or does my bags go directly to my flybe flight? As they are all on the same booking reference? ANd i can just go to the connections hall and go to my gate for flybe? First time travelling internationally. Thanks:)

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  • 2 months ago

    ALL PASSENGERS are expected to take their luggage past a Customs Officer.

    They can inspect YOU and the Luggage. MOST pass without a detailed inspection.

    There are staff available in the Customs area to direct you on returning your luggage to the next Airline.

    As you have a short connection time be warned YOU might not make the connection. Your luggage can be in limbo while you wait for next flight.

    The baggage tag should indicate not only the Manchester flight but also your next flight on Flybe. USE YOUR EYES and read the tag when it is issued.

    Many can and do make the connection. YOU MIGHT. NO ONE can guess if your luggage will have time to make it through the system to connect with Flybe. WHY because you do not have a guaranteed arrival time and NO ONE knows what the delay might be in Customs the hour you are there.

    That is why the Airlines have staff in the Customs area to assist with connections.

    WARNING depending from which gate your next flight departs you may need a security screening as you may have to leave the secure area after the Customs Inspection. Up to you to allow time for this. The Airline does not control the security lines. they can assist getting you past a little faster Main reason you should take advantage of their assistance in the Customs area.

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  • Clive
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    2 months ago

    It depends on whether the airlines work together.  You probably won't have to transfer your own bags, but ask the airline to be sure.  Here's one way to be totally sure - when you check in at Brisbane and the check-in clerk puts a label on your luggage wrapped around the handle, what does it say?  If the final destination on it is MAN, then it's only checked through to Manchester and you will have to collect it and check it in again.  If it's marked all the way through to JER, then that's where it will go and all you need to do in Manchester is get yourself to the right place via "Transfers".

    Enjoy Jersey!  It's a little odd as it's not part of the UK, it's a Crown Dependency with its own government, but for practical reasons is treated as part of the UK for purposes of passport control.  It's closer to France than the UK, the old local dialect is a variety of French, so you will come across people and places with French names, but everyone speaks English.  The currency is the British pound, but they issue their own money and postage stamps.  It has never been part of the European Union so when I've been there from the UK, there's no passport control but there IS a Customs check on your luggage.

    So you need to go through passport control in Manchester as MAN-JER is treated as a domestic flight.    It'll all work out when you get to Manchester.

    As for your question on vaccinations (you asked anonymously but that must have been you), the whole point is to protect YOU.  So take your own government's advice.  The UK does not require any proof of vaccination against anything.  The only countries that do are where yellow fever is common so they'll want to see a certificate of vaccination against that.

    For example, when I visited Mexico, British government advice was to have a jab against hepatitis A, basically because the water might not be safe.  The practice nurse gave me a few boosters against other things as well but hep A was the only one actually advised.  But again, it's ADVISED - it's not because Mexico wanted me to show proof.

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  • 2 months ago

    You definitely go through UK passport control after landing in Manchester. I don't think you have to collect your luggage as the airlines will transfer it for you.  However, call Singapore Airlines, talk to a human, and verify they will automatically "interline" your luggage to the FlyBe flight.  

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