if you live in council property, can they just snoop and intrude upon you when they want to?

i live in a council flat and last week, some men came around to do an asbestos survey, the housing phoned me days before to arrange it, and it was something that i couldn't really refuse, although i wanted to refuse..

now i understand that an asbestos survey was an important thing to do, so ive accepted that and glad to have it out of the way...but i was thinking for future times, can the housing just do this whenever they like? give an excuse for people to visit me so they can intrude and snoop on my privacy by covering up with a fake legitimate reason?

i'm a man in my forties, i'm a private person and don't really like nor appreciate my privacy being infringed upon....i have lived in this flat 15 years now, and are settled here.

luckily, when those asbestos survey people called, one of my parents was here to support me and oversee everything, as i didn't feel confident by myself as a vulnerable male with mental health problems....but what about in the future when my elder parents are no longer here to support me and be here with me....will i be at the mercy of the housing, who will just be able to call upon me when they want and invade me privacy?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    They can't just snoop on you for no reason, and they weren't.  However they are required as landlords to ensure the property is safe for you to live in which is why they did the asbestos check and they may well want to carry out electrical or gas safety checks too at some point.  It's in your interests and that of others too that they do so.  They'll give you notice as they did this time.

    If you're worried about being on your own when they call, just ask a friend or neighbour to pop in to be with you while they're there. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    No they can't you are entitled to privacy . the council has to inform you when they want access  

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    In the post-Grenfell era councils will probably have to do more routine inspections as part of their obligations for the properties they own. Even if you own you own home there are manyf agencies, utility companies, rescue services, council employees, baliffs etc who can legally enter your property with or without your agreement. If you have only been troubled once in 15 years, you are doing well.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    They arranged the visit. If it was inconvenient you should have said so, but they need to carry out the inspection at some point for YOUR safety. I have done a lot of this kind of work in my professional life and believe me, they are not a bit interested in snooping into your private life and after doing dozens of inspections in a day, you are hard pressed to remember individual details, except for the information you are gathering - and if you are worried the place is a bit untidy, almost invariably they have seen far worse.

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  • elhigh
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    4 weeks ago

    Can they do what they like: of course not.

    But do you have much recourse in what they do with a property that they manage? Not really. The council own and operate the property, not you. And since they're tasked with ensuring the property is safe for human habitation, they are REQUIRED to do such things as inspect for asbestos and the like.

    As to what you perceive as snooping, I can tell you with some confidence, as a maintenance man who oversees two separate buildings with dozens of inhabitants in each, that by and large maintenance and repair professionals don't really care about the life you live inside the building. After the first dozen or so, it all just runs together into a blur with few, if any, details that stick out in our memories. We're there for the job, the building - not your life.

    As to the rest of it, will you be at the mercy of the council estate: that's up to you. As long as you continue to live there, a certain degree of your privacy is at the discretion of the estate. Like I said, pretty much nobody actually cares. Don't be cooking up meth or stashing bodies under the bed and no one's going to give a moment's thought about you.

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