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Is there a point of no return for heart health?

I'm 28 and have been smoking (a bit more than a pack a day) since I was 15. My heart has never been in good shape since. But lately it feels like it has gotten much weaker recently. I'm going to quit. 

The reason I ask is because I want to start doing cardio more often; not just when I feel like it. Also, I want to add weights to my workouts (instead of just calisthenics). 

I'm wondering if there is a point you reach where exercise is actually damaging to heart. Like if I push myself a bit (not too hard), will I weaken it? Or can I bring it back?

Also, just a tiny bit of exertion can make my heart race. I can push myself with weights...but a simple quick, "explosive" movement can get my heart going.


Thank you. And I will give BA.

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    Yes, there is a point of no return. Only your doctor can tell you what condition your heart is in, and if exercise would help or harm you. If you are at the "point of no return" chances are you'd be in the condition to warrant a heart transplant. DEFINITELY get the okay from your doc before starting any kind of exercise program (based on you having heart issues AND feeling like your heart is weakening). Also, definitely ditch the ciggys. Smoking thickens the blood, which makes your heart have to work harder to pump it throughout your body.

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    Exercise will not damage your heart.

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    I started getting healthy 5 years ago and lost over 50 Lbs. I was doing lots of cardio but was still smoking. I decided to quit and my body within a couple days started healing my lugs and to be honest it hurt. My lungs felt badly bruised or something. But then it stopped hurting as my body continued to heal itself. I can bust out 65 mins of seriously hard cardio and my lungs have never felt better. I still hit the bong for pot but wtf u only live once.

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    take therapeutic doses of ionic minerals, remember the quacks always look at you as a cow to milk for dollars .........

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    I smoked much longer than you, and a LOT more than you since I was 12. I quit for good when I was 33...yeah, 21 years of killing myself. Cardio will strengthen your heart, absolutely, but when you quit, it's going to get worse before it gets better. You have time to reverse it, but do yourself a favor, quit, then see a doctor for the best options. If you're saying that your heart is weak, they may want to do an EKG on you to rule out anything else. Smoking constricts the blood vessels, making it harder for your heart to pump blood, so it has to work harder. When you quit and start working out, it's going to HURT, but your heart will no longer have to work overtime to supply your blood oxygen anymore; it will be doing what it was meant to do without restrictions. 

    EDIT- Also, I'm 35 now, so I've stayed quit for 2 years straight. My doctor has checked everything, and I'm so much healthier now than when I was in my 20's. You can do it.

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