XL = WL = 2π L?

Any explanation about this formula, in electrical circuits.

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  • Dixon
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    1 month ago

    It should be 2π f L

    It is the formula for the reactance of a wound component (an inductor) in an AC circuit. It can broadly be thought of as the "AC resistance" of a coil but it definitely isn't actually resistance because it can't dissipate power. However, it does limit the flow of current and to that extent it is a bit like resistance, so it is called reactance which sounds a bit like resistance. 

    X is a signifier for reactance, which is an AC impedance with an angle of ±90° between voltage and current

    XL is really X subscript L and it specifies inductive reactance, as distinct from Xc which is capacitive reactance

    ω L is the formula for inductive reactance, where L is the inductance and ω is angular velocity (in radians per second). 

    ω is thus given by 2π f, where f = 1/t and t is the period of the sinusoidal voltage.

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