UCF or UF?

Hello. I’m a senior who lives in Missouri. I have a full ride to either UF or UCF. I love Orlando, and greatly preferred UCFs campus. On the other hand UF is much highly ranked. I’m thinking of an engineering degree but don’t know, and switching would be much better at UF. I’m unsure which school to attend, and if anyone had any information to lean me one way or the other I would greatly appreciate it. 

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago

    You need to be happy at the university. It really helps with your success.   So why do you personally like UCF more? 

    Do you plan on going on for a Masters degree? 

    You can switch majors at any university.  

    If possible go back to Florida and revisit both schools. Meet with the head of the department for your major. Talk to UCF head, ask about their engineering ranking.    Explore the campus in depth. How is the library. Do you exercise, how is the rec center , do they have bike paths. Arrange to see the dorm. Eat in the dining hall. Can you sit in on a  class?

    I took my Daughter to visit  different schools.  One that was 100% perfect on paper, turned out neither of us like.  Nothing really wrong with the school.she met with the head of the department for her major and we walked around campus and   Just didn’t have a good feel for the school. It wasn’t a good fit for her.  

    You are going to live there for four years 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Do your homework. google-search university rankings overall, and in your intended field. You need to go to the better school - the best in your field that you can get accepted into.

    Also check placement offices' postings to see which school is getting placement requests for what jobs in which fields. That's an indicator of employers' opinions of the school. It's NOT an indicator whether you're going to get a job in the future. Just employers' opinions of the school, and whether the placement office might be a source of leads in the future.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    UCF is for partying.

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