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Can I make extra money in the evenings and on weekends with a pressure washer?

I live in Delaware. How would I market myself without wasting money? How much less would I make during wintertime compared to summertime?

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    You need insurance, some loose windows or cracked windows can break when hit with a pressure washer.

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    Pressure washer is a big investment for a pro quality rig. Then there is insurance and environmental considerations too. Break even is about $3,000 a month in sales for my modest rig. You can't work with consumer equipment. Less than 4 gpm is a consumer model. Direct drives are consumer to "pro-sumer" at best. 

    My "cold machine"

    My  pro-sumer "warm" machine because I can't afford "hot"

    This barely works with my cold machine.

    Anything over 5 gpm is going to need to be fed from a holding tank, garden hose will not keep up, not even 3/4".

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