What 12v water pump do you recommend for detailing? ?

I have a 55 gallon water tank and I've been building on my mobile detailing business now all I need is the pump and misc items to connect it. Some videos on youtube have shown a Northern Tools brand. I need one that's a 12v (connects to a car battery) water pump. Any recommendations? I'm not looking for one that's overly expensive like $300 but not one that's super cheap and won't last like $35. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    All you need is a small engine driven pressure washer, no pump needed with gravity when the pressure washer is below the water tank. That's what the mobile detailers do here, then they wash them with a standard gas driven pressure washer.

    • Matt4 weeks agoReport

      My tank isn't large enough for gravity feed. I would need at least a 100 gal tank for that. Mine is only 55 gallons. 

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