Why does my jaw keep clicking?

When I lie on my left side I'm constantly aware of my lower jaw clicking out of place and I constantly have to click it back in to place. It doesn't hurt but it's incredibly annoying and infuriating and it's like constant. What could be causing this and is there anything that could be done dentally or surgically to correct it?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Mine does that, too. Insanely annoying when I'm eating and it won't stop clicking. It's likely due to the temporomandibular joint(s) popping in and out of place. I have an overbite that I partially fixed with headgear, which is likely why mine does so.

    There are some treatments, I believe, but unless none of them work, and it's really making it hard for you to function in your everyday life, surgery is generally a last resort. I'd bring it up to your dentist, who might refer you to an orthodontist. But, generally, not much can be done.

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      I think I'll ask my GP about it. 

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  • k w
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    6 months ago

    you won't believe it, I had a hard time, my dentist didn't know, or at least said so......I just put a Tb in my fave unsweetened tea and drank it when thirsty, no joking

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