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Anxiety over ankle tendon?

Five weeks ago I had ankle pain, I obsessed I prodded it alot and found a soft lump. Pain subsided (unless I twist it funny angle) and seen two seperate doctors who don't seem concerned but first time I didn't show her where I felt and second time he had a feel about but I had tights on. I'm worried it's a sarcoma lump. He said it's probably inflamed tendon. 

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    First off, as I imagine many people are going to say, sarcomas are especially rare cancers. The fact the pain has subsided is also reassuring, since pain would usually mean it was on a nerve, which likely wouldn't go away. Sarcomas have a noticeably different feeling to them than a usual bump, since they're bone, muscle, and/or cartilaginous tumors.

    On that note, as someone who actually has a chondrosarcoma at my skull base, my best advice is to keep a log of signs and symptoms. Note times you feel pain and rate the pain, note if it gets worse, note if anything new happens. Bring it to your follow-up appointments. I had sixth nerve palsy that they believed my type 1 diabetes caused for over six months before they found it had gotten worse, and gave me a focused MRI that could spot the tumor.

    Most importantly, don't fall in the obsessive research hole like I have. The more you keep searching for something wrong, the easier it is to spot something that, in reality, is harmless. It's only been about a year since I finished my radiation treatment, and already, I've obsessed over these weird bumps on my feet, this weird click in my ankle, pain in my lower back, my diplopia getting worse, and I'm now freaked out over these essential tremors I have. But, trust me, if something is off enough to cause any worry, a specialist will know, and they will act.

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    Oh, you felt a lump and 2 DOCTORS are not concerned and somehow you have superior medical knowledge about sarcoma than they do.

    Why? Why do you have to beleive it is THE WORST POSSIBLE THING EVER? Do you realize by living you life the way you are not living. You are in fear and not enjoying your life. Go get help. Get counseling for your mental defect. Get on meds to balance your brain chemistry.

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