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Cat still having accidents in the house?

We have a 4 year old cat who has been pooping all over the house. We contacted the vet when this first started. The vet did blood work to see if it was a virus or anything else but her blood work was all normal. Then we did a stool Sample it was normal but vet did give her a wormer anyways since she was due for it. Ok accidents in house from wormer we expected for a day or 2 then it slowed down to once a day and then back to the normal every time I turned around I was finding poop. Well we started looking around for help calling and emailing all the "cat experts" we could find. Well nobody was able to help us everyone kept saying to get rid of the cat or "did the vet test for....." And yes she has been tested multiple times in the last 2 months for all kinds of things. Then we emailed a local cat rescue seeking advice out of desperation. They told us to either crate or confine the cat to a room and re potty train the cat. They highly recommend the crate to start with since we already had her confined to 1 room in the house and it wasn't working. Ok so we pulled out our 54" crate so the cat wouldn't feel very confined since the crate is huge. Well all was going great no accident outside of the litter box for a week then we woke up this morning and she pooped right beside her water bowl on the opposite side of the crate. Which now has me thinking that the crate idea the rescue gave us isn't working after all. Any ideas that I can try next? 


The hubby is giving me till March to fix her potty issues before he takes her to the shelter. He keeps saying "we are getting a new house at the start of summer and I will not be having a cat poop all over it. This house to last us a long time and we don't need it to be ruined in a week" every time he finds an accident she had. 

Update 2:

Yes we did explain the situation to the cat rescue that has been the only help we have gotten. They already know all the tests we had done on her to get to the bottom of her situation and all the things we have already tried to help her like confine to a room only, multiple boxes, etc. Which is why they think she has regressed on her training and needs to be potty trained again. 

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    'accidents' in the house are caused by illness which you have checked, so the other thing is the cat is anxious/stressed.

    Cats use litter boxes as they are very clean animals......... so why is your cat stressed could it be the anger/frustration/action from your husband about these 'accidents'( hubby is giving me till March to fix her potty issues before he takes her to the shelter) YOU? So he doesn't want the cat, doesn't like the cat and doesn't take ANY responsiility ...

    Could it be the cat can still smell where all these accidents happened, so repeats, you need to do a complete clean and use something like 50/50 white vinegar/water to neuteralise the smell as lots of chemical cleaners contain amonia and that replicates the smell of urine and the cat can assume it is another cat in its house and so 'covers' it causing 'accidents' which is really 'on purposes' and also causes stress/anxiety.

    You need to be consistant so trying this and trying that won't help at all, all you will do is confuse the cat ( causing anxiety)

    Toileting for any cat ....they feel vunerable so any litter tray can't be in a high traffic area, it needs to be in a place where the cat feels safe/secure... covered litter trays help as does using the correct litter, reducing space/one room, giving the cat higher sleeping/resting/climbing places ( cat tree) will help reduce stress......... and a serious talk with this husband of your about JOINT responsibility and care for the cat would also help to reduce the cats stress

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