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I worked a 1099 for 2019 but the employer basically won't give me a 1099 form. How can i still file this on my taxes without the actual form?

Also how would i file it without the actual form?

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    Report what you earned and don't worry about the form. Your employer sounds like a jerk.

    If you were treated like an employee except on pay day--and I'll bet you were-- contact your state unemployment department and tell them about it. Also, download and file IRS Form SS-8. They will get things fixed.

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    I used these merchants from 2016 through 2019..

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    Exactly the same as you would if you did have the form. If it is even possible for someone to tell from the way you filed, then you've done it wrong. You fill out the same 1040, the same Schedule SE, and the same Schedule C or C-EZ, all exactly the same as if you had the 1099, and then you send them exactly the same way. You do nothing differently.

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    If you HAD an employer, you CAN'T receive a 1099. Employees receive a W-2.

    If you were an independent contractor, you NEVER need an 1099. You SHOULD have records necessary to file a return without ANYONE providing you with any forms.

    Note: If anything was withheld for taxes, you were an employee. If not, you SHOULD have been making quarterly extimated payments.

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    If he is not giving you the form, then he is not reporting it. You can't file it if it is not reported, but he is breaking the law.

    In the income section there is a place to enter money shown on 1099 forms.

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    The employee must give you a 1099. If they don't they are committing fraud. If you file when the IRS gets your return & can't match it to what your employer sent them, your employer will be in trouble. Keep in mind as a contract employee you will be responsible for paying the social security and medicare taxes that a W2 employer would have paid half of.. you will be paying the full 100% of those 2 items..

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    You are required to report your earnings whether  or not you receive the 1099. That said, your employer may have misclassified you as an independent contractor instead of any employee.  If your employer set your work hours, your pay rate, supplied you with equipment and/or supplies, and directed you on how the work was to be performed, you should have been an employee.  You can file a Form 8919 with your tax return so that you pay only your share of the Social Security and Medicare Taxes.  Here's more info:

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    If you made over $600, they are obligated to issue one. You use your records (ban deposits, cashed checks, etc.

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    A 1099-MISC is informational only.

    Unlike a W2, it is not needed to complete your taxes.

    You will enter your earnings on the Schedule C, just like if you had the form in front of you. 

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    Did you work for the business as an independent contractor?   If you are self-employed you can just input your income on your Schedule C,  If any taxes were taken out, they are required to give you a copy.  Contact them again, if they refuse, contact the IRS and file a report.

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