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Can girls with peach fuzz and a belly be good looking and beautiful?

I am an 18 year old female and have lower back hair that I am self conscious about, not to mention my tummy which seems flat at first glance but whenever I eat it expands (which yes it its normal but) and makes me look like I'm about almost a month pregnant. Not very flattering..

I'm wondering if there are any women out there who don't shave their fuzz, and/or also have a not-so-flat belly who feel beautiful (and aren't lying about it to make me feel better)? I would like to not have to constantly shave what is natural of my body, and be physically good looking like other women. 

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    Women have ROUND tummies, not flat tummies like young boys. Look at old paintings. Even super slim ballerinas, even skinny little girls, have ROUND tummies. 

    If a person finds women, natural women, to be beautiful then that includes natural stuff like rounded tummies and 34B size breasts. But if your idea of a beautiful woman is something more like a Barbie doll, then your idea of beauty is a lady who has a belly like a boy and surgically enhanced bosoms. 

    Rather than seeking to alter yourself to conform to these artificial and unrealistic ideals, seek people of good sense who like women the way Nature made them. If you're fit and healthy, you're beautiful.

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