rover P4 power steering?

looking for Epas system to be fitted.  essex if possible ? any suggestions.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    have a friend with rover p4 now undergoing epas  upgrade . estimated at around £1600 now  stands at £3500!  thats without  finishing yet!   aware cheaper elsewhere so maybe we made a mistake in whom we handed car over to for work.  was thinking of having my rover p6 upgraded too but with those sort of fees  would need to sell it first!  final bill in now stands at just under £6k..almost  a much as value of car itself!  sadly no fixed  quotation at start as they had never done this before..needed smelling salts when invoice was presented!  so if you thinking of having EPAS fitted to a rover P4 make sure you get a fixed price first and if they can't give one don't do as we did and simply go for it.

  • 10 months ago

    Well, IF there is an electrical PS system designed for this vehicle, it should be a matter of parts and labor to bolt it all on. If there isn't an existing EPAS system for this vehicle, then you get into the world of customization which can either cost one arm or two legs. 

    Good Luck! 

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