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What vocal range is my singing voice?

I am a 24 year old female and was wondering what vocal range my singing voice falls into? Please see the link - This seems to be the highest I can sing, but I am naturally on the deeper end of the spectrum. Thanks :)

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    Your range can't be determined by you singing a song. Get with someone who knows how to test voices. Your range is determined by the lowest to the highest note you can sing without straining.

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    8 months ago

    Not enough information to conclude your range.

    You go as high and low as you can to determine the range, but you consider how far high and low you can go based on things like

    Timbre - the totality of the sound, bright dark, loud soft, horase sweet etc. What sounds 'good'. I can screech in my false setto, but that is not what I call my 'range' though it technically is in the range of sounds I can make, it is not a note in the range of notes I sound good in and would perform.

    Strain - at what point are you straining to produce a note (these notes are not in your range)

    Range changes day to day based on health and the quality of the vocal tract (for instance, being hydrated will benefit you, it may not give you another octave but it will help protect your folds when singing in the range you do have). And then technique used especially to get the notes at the end of your range. Maybe you didn't practice supporting well enough so today it wasn't in your range and you need to rework on it to reach previously reached notes.

    Then there's other long term factors from aging that affect the voice.

    Join a choir and they will test your range. They will label you as a Alto II, I, or Soprano II, I. These are just labels. I've been called a  Buffo basso, Bass, Bass-Baritone, and Baritone by various teachers. My favorite teacher says 'Bass' for simplicity, but my range is my range, and the important thing is to keep working on all the notes in your range!

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