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Got the flu ? Anxiety? ?

I just  found  out that I have the flu like symptoms and I just having body aches and that’s about it. They I went to the doctor couple of days ago and they did a couple of tests and ekg normal and chest X-ray was normal. Now, I been on antibiotics for 2 days now and I feel a lil better . I just having some breathing issues I can breathe 

 if I am relax I having anxiety. I sitting in my room going crazy right now. I’m on googling things got me paranoid. I have  asthma  I took my inhaler. Should I go back to the er I go to my regular doctor tomorrow. I don’t have no sore throat, no discolored mucus. 

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  • k w
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    I don't trust the quacks like you do...hope you feel better soon......

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    What are you on about, it's either low dose flu or a bit of a cold, hence chest tightness. Why are you on antibiotics? We don't get those in the U.K. unless we have a proper chest infection, X-ray. Why ?

    Just drink plenty and get on with life.

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