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Did I totally miss a sign?

It may have been nothing but I’m pretty inept so I need help. On Thursday the sister of one of my brothers friends hit me up to hang out of the blue. I met up with her and we just ran a few errands at the mall and hung out. We talked about just random stuff the entire time (I’ve only known her for about two months) and we stopped at the Starbucks near her house afterwards. Anyway, I bought a drink and offered to get her something too but she declined. When I got my drink I offered her some (half way joking) and accepted and drank from the same straw. I honestly didn’t expect her to and we just ended up sharing it and she kept drinking from the same straw. We stayed there for a bit and time just flew by until I dropped her off at her house. I know this may have been nothing but could it have been something? I’ve only known her for a bit so I’m not sure if she’s into me. I’ve been nervous about asking her out since it’ll be awkward if she says no with her knowing my brother and being in the same grade as me. The other times we’ve hung out she’s done things like touch my arm and lay her head on my shoulder so I’m iffy. Sorry the long question.

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    It sounds like the signals are flying all over the place. But no matter what it is always a risk to ask someone out, that is just the bane of being a guy. Ask her out. For all you know your most recent outing counts as date one, thus you will be ahead of the game when she accepts to go out next time.

  • Pearl
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    i would ask her out, she sounds like she likes you

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    You're overanalyzing this.  She was too cheap to buy her own drink so she happily took you up on your offer.

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    Yes, she is into you. Ask her out.  Good Luck!

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  • Kym
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    When you offered the drink to her and she dranked from the straw. You should have pushed the beverage in her direction and said, here it is yours; returned to the counter to order you another drink. Do not assumed something is going on because she dranked from the straw. If she is laying her head on your shoulder, you should ask her; "What are you doing? and what does that mean". Do not just assume, that is how individuals get hurt and misunderstandings flare.

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