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How can I cope with flying  if I’m afraid of heights?

I’m terrified of heights! When I was six, my family and I were stuck on a rollercoaster for an hour and a half. To this day I freak out when friends and family make me ride coasters to “help me get over my fear”, but it does the opposite.

My girlfriend moved to Indiana with her mom at the beginning of senior year and she wants to go to prom there, but since we’ve been dating since sophomore year she doesn’t want to go with anyone else or go alone. She flew here and surprised me as my homecoming date, so I would feel bad if I didn’t do this for her. But I’m not ready to be on an airplane. And since negative things like malfunctions have been in national news recently my fear has gotten worse. 

My aunt suggested I try hypnotherapy, my grandpa says I should have a few drinks at the airport bar (I’m not old enough) and a friend who is also afraid of heights, but travels for work says he takes a sleep pill and asks the stewardess to wake him up.

A direct flight is about three hours which isn’t bad just expensive. It would be a 16 hour drive, but my mom is worried about me making that long drive by myself especially to a place I’ve never been. Greyhound and Train is cheaper, but it would take a day and a half to get there and that’s on the express. I can’t be on a bus/train that long especially since there’s one bathroom that you can’t poop in. Flying is the best choice. 

Anyone have any tips or suggestions? Do stewardesses really have sleep pills? What do I need to know?

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    I'm afraid of heights, but flying doesn't bother me.

    The main thing is that it doesn't feel like a "height" once you are in the air - it's just sitting and riding, like in a car. 

    It's entirely up to you if you do it or not, but I can say that while I don't *love* flying, I do it at least once a year and it's not scary.  It's much safer by far than getting into a car every day which I also do - and I've been hit and had my car totaled *twice*.

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    I always choose an aisle seet and take a good book.

    If I must be near a window , i shut the blind.

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    You have to provide the sleeping pills lol. Cabin crew aren't doctors and don't go around prescribing or handing out medication to nervous passengers. Anyway, you wouldn't take a sleeping pill for a 3 hour flight as you'd be impossible to wake and you wouldn't be able to make your way safely off the plane and through the airport afterwards, they tend to last for 6+ hours, particularly if you have no tolerance. Your best bet is to find a doctor that will prescribe you a low dose of a short acting benzodiazepine or suck it up and catch the bus or train like millions of kids before you. I spent most of my youth travelling long distance by bus, it's a right of passage.

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