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Is it possible to practice dentistry in a European country ?

I'm about to finish 5 years of dentistry in Russia and now I have to practice oral surgeon for 4 years then return to my home country. Just wondering if it's possible to practice in a European country? I'm not planning to stay in europe, it's just in my home country, people will go to a dentist/doctor with European or American degree more.

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    Depends on the country - you may need to requalify in some countries depending on your qualifications.

    Fluency in the language of that country is also going to be required.

    • ibu guru
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      You're not working abroad with Russian dental degree & no clinical experience. You need license in the country where you want to work + extensive experience before you have chance to qualify for temporary visa. IF you can find a country which accepts Russian qualifications to sit licensing exams.

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  • Nicey8
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    3 weeks ago

    It is better to practise in russia. Europe and Russia are at odds.

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