So ill all the time help !! ?

So for past few months I've found I barely have any energy to get through the day. Mentally I have been finding it hard to get this done. Although mentally in my mind I want to get projects done to the house but am faced with overwhelm and physically feel unable to carry out the task. I think I have depression which is a contributer but it doesnt explain that I feel so overwhelmingly tired. I have an 11 month old son and work 39 hours in 3 days every week, but feel it isn't that. I physically ache, have sore head, feel very groggy and my appetite is just out the window. In morning I'm not one bit hungry but by about 3pm I am dying for sugar, crisps and takeaway food. I am a bit overweight since my son and have asthma. Need help please. Does it sound like maybe something else, low iron, thyroid even? Want to go to my doctor with some idea in mind anyway as I'm bad at explaining things 

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  • 9 months ago

    you are fine at explaining--go to your dr,....and fyi ALL of your symptoms can come from depression...which could be postpartum depression after having your son GO TO THE DR> meds can help....good therapy can help....just having a diagnosis can help--think enough of yourself to go deal with this....

  • 9 months ago

    Since you are bad at explaining things why not create a journey.  Get a notepad and   create a rough outline for the past three months and then come back around and fill in as many details as you can remember.  You could record things like what you ate that day, what activities or tasks you performed, and how you were feeling.  That way when you visit the doctor you can show them what you have written here and give them a copy of the journal that they can review after they have given you a complete physical and neurological workup.  They can refer you to see a nutritionist or dietician so they can help you with your diet and your newborn's diet.  They can also refer you to a mental health professional who can evaluate your mental state and then see what assistance they may be able to offer.  Be sure to give them copies of your journal and this question also.

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