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Which one would be the most "practical" non-profit organization idea?

I'm currently a dental hygiene student and I'm planning on opening a non-profit organization once I become registered as a dental hygienist. Now my original plan was to give free examinations (among other things) to low-income people, but people have told me that there are a lot of organizations like that already.

My other idea is to make "dental chair buddies" for child patients (basically customized, "squishy" plushies among other things) to help ease them on the chair. This one seems to be less costly.

What do you think? Thank you!


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    Low income people already get free examinations through Medicaid. If you want to target a group, target the ones that make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to pay for dental work. Just examinations alone are pretty worthless. You need to be able to offer free cleanings at a minimum. Contrary to what you might have been told, there are not enough of these services available. Your other idea would not require the formation a non-profit if you were just making them and giving them away.

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    There are organizations that do free dental treatment but certainly not enough of them or almost no one would be without dental treatment due to the cost.

    - however, you will be a dental hygienist not a dentist.  You aren't able to independently give exams without working under a dentist.

    I don't know why a dentist would buy special dental squishies instead of using a regular stuffed toy if they wanted to do this.  I don't think many would want this since the child is likely to cover their face with it, thus creating more issues than not having it. 

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    I think the first needs special licensing from the state. You need to research that a lot more before considering it a viable issue. Plus your insurance liability would be very high.

    The second is being a toy maker. If you think the market is large enough, fine, but who are you actually selling to? The dental office or individuals? Why would a parent buy one for kids who go once a year?

  • Tavy
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    8 months ago

    How rich are you? It seems money no object here. You need a building, equipment, taxes, insurance, staff and so on.

    dream on.

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