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when people travel to another country, like Europe, or Pakistan or India etc , what are they wanting to see that cant see on You tube?

was hearing how someone had spent months reading everything they could about their trip to Pakistan and watching everything they could on Youtube about it, so, i was wondering , why need to go there? you are paying to fly over there and pay a hotel to go to a restaurant there and then what? (you can see it better and more places for free on Youtube why go over there?


what do you mean "experience " it? you can experience it via reading about it, its history, etc and seeing all kinds of things that would be limited to see if you were actually there (I mean it is EASIER to see more of it via computer now)

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    You're so right. So I guess the millions of people who enjoy traveling every year must all be stupid, right? It can't possibly be because we enjoy eating the local food, meeting the local people, snorkeling in the water, riding the trains, eating long dinners outside on beautiful evenings in France (without mosquitoes), going up the mountains for the view, seeing the real works of art, and so on. I just did a boat trip in Panama where we saw monkeys in the trees and rare heron just an arm's length away- not on a video. 

    "Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer." 

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    Seeing pictures is not the same as being there. If you think it is, then you have never been to a foreign country or you are remarkably imperceptive. Yes, pictures can give you some idea, but they do not tell everything.

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    Seeing is not everything. People like to experience other cultures.

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