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How do vehicles get stuck on train tracks ?

Is there something about the train tracks that affects the vehicle ? Or why do the get stuck ?

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    8 months ago

    "locomotives" haven' t run on public rails in the US  since 1955

    More likely, you Ugli saw an Engine.

    "idiots panic"? Try seeing how cool You are when ten tons, plus, of engines race toward you at 60 plus, that horn blasting so loud your heart could stop. Engineers have Orders Not  to stop if it will derail train. Better  to kill one car driver than dozens of crew and passengers.

  • 8 months ago

    Because the driver is an idiot.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Idiots panic flood the engine it is only a railway crossing

  • 8 months ago

    One way is drivers panic, stop on the gas, and flood the engine, thus stalling the car. [This was probably more true when cars had carburators.] Some people accidentally hit the brake. Others try to shift gears (to get more power/go faster) and fail. Some think they can get across, but the car in front of them does not move forward. Some stop on purpose to commit suicide.

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  • 8 months ago

    As common sense would predict, STHTs seem to consist of variations on a few basic themes:

        Vehicle stalls while crossing tracks; driver can’t restart it due to mechanical problems. Such malfunction, it should be said, was noted in only 6 of the 320 reported STHTs. We’ll never know how many such incidents really take place, though, as (a) it’s often tough to evaluate the reliability of a car after it’s been hit by a train and (b) assuming the driver’s in any condition to talk following impact, he may insist that the car simply died rather than concede that what really happened was scenario two, namely

        Vehicle stalls while crossing tracks; driver can’t restart it due to panic experienced upon contemplating sudden arrival of train. In this case, the somewhat fluky quality of a midtrack stall is offset by the all-too-understandable phenomenon of driver freak-out. The ability to do one’s best work under pressure is a gift bestowed upon only a rare few, of course, and the rest of you are hardly to be blamed for coming somewhat unglued when the stakes are high.

        Vehicle gets hung up on the tracks. Here we encounter a reporting problem. The FRA database tells us that about a quarter of all stalls result from being hung up — i.e., from the undercarriage or some other part of the vehicle getting stuck on the rails, preventing further movement. But why would this necessarily lead to a stall? It soon becomes apparent that the accident reports use “stalled” as a rather loose description of any car that winds up on the tracks and is unable to be moved.

  • 8 months ago

    Remember that airplanes are so reliable that if one ever happens to go down, then it makes headlines.  Every plane that goes down gets a headline, but the 1000's and 1000's that take off and land never get noticed (?)

    Vehicles can break down and get stuck anywhere.  But doing it on the rail road tracks makes for news, or at least a good story.  So every one of those is noticed

  • arther
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    8 months ago

    the run out of ground clearance and get stuck with one one the driving wheels off the ground .

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