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How to feel more energetic?

These past two weeks, I've been feeling fatigued. I thought it might be due to the fact that I had a long break from school, and coming back all of a sudden made me tired. The abrupt change from being able to stay in bed until well over 7:00 AM to having to get up at 5:50 AM to go to school. But it might mostly be the fact that I'm taking challenging courses. However, I didn't feel this tired before I went on break. Before, I would feel energetic on the weekends. But now I'm fatigued on the weekends as well. When I hit the gym, I can barely lift anything. I have to cut down on weight and reps. I usually go to bed early, at 9:30 PM at the latest. I always wake up at 6:00 AM no matter what, that's just how my body works. Even then, I would still be getting at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep, and another hour to lay down on the weekends. Still, I'm tired. After two weeks of being back in the usual routine, my body has still not adjusted well. How can I have more energy and be less tired?

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    Sleep earlier, drink some coffee. Take breaks between studying. 

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