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What does this mean?: "Don’t compromise merit for friends"?

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    “Don’t compromise yourself.” Fairly straight forward.

     if you do compromise yourself, you start losing yourself. I believe that to be completely true. And once that starts happening, it’s hard to find your way back to yourself.

    So, no, you don’t compromise your body or your mind to abuse, to the rat race, to “going with the flow” or any other of the forces which dehumanize us. But, if a friend, a significant other, a child or even something in yourselves is asking for a change, a different direction or a re-examination of your values, sometimes the thing that feels the most uncomfortable and foreign to our sense of self is the thing that steers us in the direction we were meant to go.look ho the noow the republicians is under the jonestown spell of trump,sacrificing their morals, tune into msnbc

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