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Should I give my sister the mental health talk? ?

I've suffered with depress, anxiety, eating disorder and multiple suicide attempts during my teen years and has struggle with self harm for six years currently being eight months clean.

My younger twin sister have just turned sixteen tonight and whilst picking them and their friend up from the train station. I noticed the friend was a bit quiet and withdrawn. 

Once I dropped her home I questioned my sisters and they revealed that she had been having trouble with her mother and was feeling unloved because of it. She had also attempted suicide and wasn't getting any help other than her friendship group. 

This lead me to think weather it was time i sat down with my sisters and had the talk. Where I'd explain, depression, stress, anxiety, the normal levels and when it becomes a problem. I'd also give them the opportunity to ask me any question they'd have on the topic. 

They've also been fighting a lot recently because they aren't give time away from each other and are trying to cram for mock exams. 

I just want them to understand that it's okay to feel sad and its normal if they ever do, it just when it starts affecting your daily life that it's a problems. 

I want them the know the services available online and over the phone if they ever can talk to me or our parents. 

I don't live with them any more as I was kicked out by my mother when J was sixteen and I'm now approaching my twentieth birthday. Our older brother was also kicked out. (Starting to see a pattern? :)) 

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    I think you should.

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