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Dorm room question?

So I am the RA at the dorms and I found out that someone went into my room while I was gone and nobody was home and took pictures and videos of my room and sent them out to people. Both of the people that came into my room have themselves on video. What can I do legally to them so this doesn’t happen again? Do I have rights as a student for them to get in trouble?


This girl came into my own dorm room which she does not live in. The other girl left it unlocked so she came in.

Update 2:

I am the only RA in this building and the manager is the one who showed me the video and he said I wasn’t supposed to know who sent it out.

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    Contact the police. Just because you live in a dorm doesn't mean you've consented for random people to enter your residence.

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    Call campus security f course and report it and give the proof. Also naturally lock your door.

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    The first important bits of information are who they were, why they were there and how they gained access to your room.

    Did they break in without permission?  Were they let into your room by a roommate? Were they university employees?  Fellow students? Friends?  Finally, did they have some reasonable cause to enter?

    I'm not trying to be facetious here, but there's a big difference between strangers trespassing and posting like idiots on social media and campus officials checking out your room because of a specific complaint (and video recording themselves doing to show they followed procedure).

    If this was a case of break in and trespass, report the incident to campus police and (if you have it) give them the video evidence.  If you know the people in the video and they are fellow students, give the officers their identities.  As for prevention, you can ask the university to re-key your door.

    If they had permission or cause to be in your room but the taking and distribution of the video was not justified, then you can again lodge a complaint with campus police.  There may not be enough there for them to take action, so I suggest finding out if your university has some kind of "conduct review" office where you can report things like privacy breaches or conflicts between students.

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    Don't ask us, Ask the head RA or higher.

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  • Eva
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    Are you talking about your dorm room? How could they get in if the door was locked and whatwould be the purpose of sending the video ? You might possibly be able to get them for trespassing, but you should consult your supervisor first to see if this should be done or whether it should be handled internally.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Talk to whoever is above you. My daughter was an RA once.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    How does locking your door sound.

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