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Should I reach out to a guy I've hooked up with a few times or not and see if he does anything first?

There's this guy I matched with on tinder in November and we've snap chatted a good amount and have hung out about 3 times now (by "hung out" I mean we've had s*x and then actually talked and hung out afterwards). Every time we've gotten together it's been a really enjoyable time...great sex and great/entertaining conversation. Basically when we're in person with each other it seems like we could be really great friends and like we both want to get to know each other. However, he's just very wishy-washy when it comes to snapchatting (that's our only means of communication so obviously this thing isn't that serious) and he will sometimes snapchat me consistently and respond every time, or he'll snapchat me first and then leave me on open after a couple times, or he'll just send me a super boring pictures first, or he'll just leave me on open. So I'm kinda left here confused and not knowing if he's looking to actually get to know me/just be in casual contact with each other or if we're purely f*ck buddies and I shouldn't reach out to him. Basically, I left him on open 4 days ago because he just sent a pretty boring snapchat and I thought he would've maybe just snap chatted me the next day because he usually does but he hasn't.... so I don't know if its better to just sit here and see if he does anything and if he doesn't do anything that's the end of our relationship or if I should snapchat him and risk getting rejected.

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    You're purely f*ck buddies... he's engaging after the sex because he's trying to be polite and maybe he likes your company. But i doubt he sees you as girlfriend material.

    You don't have a "relationship, you're having sex. Big difference.

    girls these days know little-to-nothing about guys

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