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How do people exercise Boxers and Boston Terriers when they're brachycephalic ?

Everything I've  read suggests they're fairly active and require a fair bit of exercise but at the same time brachy breeds apparently can't exercise for too long because of their facial  structure being a big problem.

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    Rumors of their limitations are often greatly exaggerated. Both the Boxer and the Boston Terrier can usually exercise fairly normally, provided the weather is not very hot. Neither breed has as severe of breathing difficulties as a Bulldog or Pug, for example, and they are perfectly capable of exerting themselves as long as the weather is not hot, and the owner is sensible about providing water and breaks if they seem overheated.  During the summer, most exercise should be timed in the early AM or late evening when it's cool. 

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    That's nonsense. it's only when it's too hot or if they're really poorly bred and have sinus issues.

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    Bursts of energy that only last a short time. Encourage that as often as you can. If you are an animal person you can tell when it's time to go home. You should be able to read your dog.

    I suppose one could increase the dog's endurance & condition it for more exercise than the norm.

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    Have you ever actually been around either breed or done ANY READING concerning them before asking this?  They are active breeds and like and need exercise. The LIMITATION (you MISSED) is in HOT and HUMID conditions (they can suffer breathing problems and are more likely to have heat stroke in such conditions).  That does NOT happen in winter or in a number places NOT prone to those conditions (even in summer).

    But in the hot humid SE USA -careful owners exercise them EARLY (like 5:30- 6 AM in the summer) may exercise them less, may have a dog who likes to retrieve in water (no PROBLEM) or may be able to do it INDOORS, at say dog agility classes, etc.

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