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should i be worried if i have had hiccups for a whole day?

ive had hiccups for a whole day plus today which would be around 36 hours

should i be worried?

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    I suggest you contact your doctor and ask. Just call and pick the option to "speak to a nurse" and leave a message. A nurse should call you back and let you know.

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    You shouldn't really be worried, but you should check in with the doctor just in case. If it makes things harder for you, for sure go.

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    Take a deep breath. 

    Hold it as long as you can.

    Swallow hard before you let your breath out. 

    Let your breath out.

    Repeat if needed.

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    8 months ago

    Worth checking out with your OB/GYN (assumed you are pregnant based on topic you posted under).

    Try drinking some seltzer water - something carbonated.   Ususally stopped the hiccups dead cold.  

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