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 My Question blow 👇?

Guys, just curious, what is the difference between People who are Ancestors of African Slaves?, and People who are Ancestors of African Immigrants?

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  • Zirp
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    12 months ago

    they may be different people.

    Slaves taken to the Americas were mainly taken from WEST-africa. Later migrants from Africa came from all over the continent

  • Marli
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    12 months ago

    Did you mean "ancestors of people who moved TO Africa"?  An immigrant moves to a country.  An emigrant moves from a country.

    Some people who moved from Africa to Europe and North America are not Black. The are descendants of English colonial whites from Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) Uganda and Kenya; Dutch Boers from South Africa, Belgians (Congo), French (Ivory Coast and North Africa and Islamic North Africans and Egyptians (who are more "Moor": Arab and Turkish, not Black as in the African ancestors of the Carribean and America's former slaves)

  • 12 months ago

    Do you mean DESCENDANTS ?? The difference is in attitude. Slaves were dragged here in chains, and recent immigrants came voluntarily so do not have the "the U S owes me" socialist attitude.

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