Landlord and city. What should I do?

I just moved into my home 2 month's ago. And my landlord says that the house isn't "up to date" and THAT the city was called on him. So my question is will the city come and put me out because of the repairs he need to get done or is his problem to put me out? I'm paying him $600 a month. Plus, I'm pregnant! I really need to know. Thanks

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  • 8 months ago
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    The city will order you out because it is not fit to live in and the landlord will be ordered to make repairs, if he intends on renting it again.  The city will want you out practically immediately.  They never give you more than a few days - perhaps 5.  Landlords are usually given 30 days.  If he chooses to not rent it again, the can allow the place to fall apart if he wants to.  I know it seems unfair to you.  Get help packing if you need it.

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  • 8 months ago

    That all depends on what the problems are. You would only have to leave if they had to condemn the place.

  • Bort
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    8 months ago

    Call the city code office and find out. If it is not up to code or in violation of any codes he may not legally allowed to rent it. "May/Might"...depends on what's not 'up to date' and what he was odered by the city official (code officer) to repair. Without knowing the specifics your question cannot be answered. Call the code office and find out what the issues are and what you have to do, if anything. If it's not habitable according to the code office ask them what you're supposed to do. They will help if they can.  

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    After reading your other posts your asssss should not be preggers with a shackup that is on and off and on and off at best with his freaking ex!

    I feel so sorry for your children.  Your being ask to move depends on the status your city/town whatever places on the house.  LL's liability depends on your lease is it a month to month or do you have a year's lease?

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  • 8 months ago

    did you not notice it appeared 'old'?

    unless the issues are a safety hazard, you won't be kicked out....landlord will just be ordered to make repairs.

    if you chose to be stupid and not get renters insurance, get it QUICK, although it may be too late.  if the home is declared 'uninhabitable' renters insurance may pay for a hotel...but they may refuse and argue you only got the insurance because of the scheduled inspection.

    where is the baby daddy?  if you can't afford decent housing, adoptive parents can pay for your housing through the pregnancy.

  • 8 months ago

    You may have to go stay somewhere else or a short time while he makes the required repairs but that is it except in extreme cases.  If what needs to be fixed is severe enough for the house to get condemned then they can make you move out.  If you do need to leave for a short time the landlord is required to pay for alternate accommodations OR waive rent for the # of days you cannot be in the unit. 

  • 8 months ago

    Typically the landlord can legally put you out of the property without any compensation until the property can be repaired and the city nor anyone else is required to house you during this period. Your landlord will not legally be able to collect rent during the period you must leave the property.

  • Maxi
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    8 months ago

    If the city says the place is uninhabitable then you can't live there, you have to find somewhere to stay while the property is brought up to standard to live there......... rent etc depends on the laws where you live.... where I live if you would pay for your own B&B/hotel and not pay rent  ( or your tenant insurance pays)... or if you continue to pay rent the landlord/landlord insurance pays your B&B/hotel until the property is ready to move back into

  • 8 months ago

    The landlord can't accept rent and not provide you a place to live.

    But as long as he returns any rent you paid (for the time you won't be there), he can put you out.  The city has told him that it is not legal for you to stay there. 

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