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does anyone else worry that they don't suit black clothing?

i'm a man aged 42 from england, i'm caucasian and like to wear black clothing a lot, i'm bald and have a moustache....but the problem is i think that i look weird and do not suit black clothing?   this really bothers me because i like to wear black clothing, so it would upset me a lot if i didn't suit them?

i asked my elderly mother about it before, i said'' mum i worry i do not suit my black clothing ''.....and she didn't reassure me but just said '' well considering how you feel, you have an awful lot of black clothing''.

and in a way that made me feel worse?  i dont want to think i don't suit black, it would make me feel upset and angry.

what can i do? does anyone else have the same insecurity about wearing black clothing?

just to mention, i have an olive complexion, a bushy moustache, blue eyes and are very bald.

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    Hm. I think perhaps what the issue is is the major contrast between the boldness of the mustache, the fact that you're very bald and blue eyes. In a way, perhaps it doesn't blend. Would you be open to a grey suit? Maybe a dark grey? It isn't as bold and is more appealing with what you have going on. 

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