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I have guy I dated. read details?

i still have feelings for he has a gf but is living in a different state, he is moving back her and gonna leave her. He says he misses me. does he want to be with me ?

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    Sounds like he is making sure he's not alone when he comes back to your State. He left you there and went off to live with another girl. Now he's dumping her (is he?) and coming back. You are on his back burner and he's just checking to see that you are still there like a little waiting, hopeful for more of his attention if he chooses to give it to you. I don't know if he want's to be with you. He wasn't interested enough before he went off with this other girl was he. Maybe you are just handy at the moment until he's settled in and can find himself another girl again. I'd stay a bit cool if I were you. Just wait and see what happens when he comes back. Let him make the first move.

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      no thats not what happened lol 

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  • 1 month ago

    Go work on how to formulate proper sentences. Then worry about dating.

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