expand more on intuits?

i had a strong mind and even though i suffer abuses of all kind i was not mentally broken or mentally ill what wasdone to me four years ago was a little magical trick to remove parts of my mental defense and identiy in one assult then as i was recover from this and identify my stalker i was hit by a man who began to attack me with paranoid things about what he imagine i was thinking and confuse me and over power me. whichi is creepy to start with and evil and corrupt. ok so maybe hes **** up and it also senet me into a medical fall out instantly and from what i saw someone outside planned it. it was a very evil perfect bomb which delted my mind mental frame work self soul identity health and induce instant madnes and then rape games and fuckery to happen wiht me drag down into it i had a perfect mental health and young no dissociation and held this and musical tallented and artist for all my life.  

     i had the happiest life and shitty family. and my support died. mydr did not treat my condtiosn and i was left to suffer and lose my life and the man used to do a little trick to send me into mental hospital instanly and lsoe it all thinks hes a victim with chicken heads on his life. my life is now infested with demonic attacks. and im asking if i should go to police and waht to say? and or FBI , it has been one person attack me with their mental powers or other and now im dying. i have no one to tell. and family of corrupt nature.

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