Epanding on the abusive intuits?

Four years ago after i had succesful escape a life full of person and family father sent to undermine my talent and life heath failed for years and years.i was rising to a charmed life. paset al ist of very sick immature persons and most of them all of the think they are silently psychic and to shut me up and  get even wiht me for escape and not fall to any of them.  i was always a self reliatn and answering person. but four years ago after i got rid of this jamaican pimp . he did not want to go away   

    without kill me  all of them feel they are intuits and four years ago a set up occure using a rock star to hep them to do a jilting game. i had a it life and not a idiot and i was wise to the threat and walked around the rock star figure in hotel and maybe he di not like that either, so he rushed me and as i was in a sort of medical meditation that keeps my life from suffer permanent effecs of someoen testing me and try to **** my mind up. i was happy with god and in one second this mans strange move lead to a series of reactiosn and then him turn angry and  i was used as patsy and my life was sent to hell and left and four yeras i have been terrorized by demonic call it winged monkeys or presence of somewhere leaving me dying sick and infested and my mind erased and all kinds of mind control torture with said man cry victim. i had no intent to know the man and now im being terrorized and beaten down stalked by invisible and not my imagintaion to psychotic sick and strange

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  • Carson
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    I've said it before.


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