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 i have a problem with some violent agressive intuit kind of abusive demonic persons and a rock star?

 four years ago i  had escape a list of certain  persons toss at me to stop my life progress and the vampire kind. i was not the fool and not the women wiht the instant house car kids i was the girl who survived near death a sick familyand was rising to my own life at later age and could nt spare no more trauamtized abuse or persons. it was not a long list and i was not a whore for guys and focus o myart and  music lover and i was moving up. they are all violent adn not just violent in some way but think they are privelage to abuse and are psychicly endowed also. i was not powerless and taken for fool. so if i escape them without being heart broken or fooled and regain muself there is this threat along with my family ( a sister might be of same blood of not honest with life themself and kept me down and i was moving over them bcak to my real self after years of being kept down. ) i was a lucky survivor and might be able to see thorugh them all. i was not a fool for no one an not broken so i came up and kept rising as  blessed person. 

     after i got out of number call him 7. a pimp and one other one came at me also trying to show off geting to into others minds and i never asked for any of them and i ahd the call it rich life coming and they are indigent. to prove themself using  mind reading and invasion. the dont go away and i was hit bya psychic bomb that  invovled a rock star used to help and it lead to a fatal blow leaving me disabled and suffering. 

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    This is what happens when you refuse to take your medication.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    There are no demons, spirits, or "psychic attacks".

    Or psychic abilities of any type. 

    The only way people who claim such things have any effect on others is by making their victims fearful, so they are distracted and clumsy - causing accidents to themselves etc.

    The first thing you need to do is get all the "supernatural" nonsense out of your head and start organising your life properly.

    And stay away from loonies who claim psychic abilities!

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