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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 4 months ago

The pen for my One by Wacom (CTL-472) Pen tablet isn't working?

What I have tried

Previous driver versions for the tablet. 

Tried the latest driver version for the tablet.

Reverted Windows 10 updates.

Tried the latest of Windows 10 updates.

Changed the Pen nib.

Taken out the Nib from the pen for a day.

Reconnect the Wacom tablet with Windows 10.

Restarted Wacom services.

Checked the USB for the Wacom tablet.

Restarted the PC multiple times.

Tried different USB cables. 

The tablet has a light on it when plugged in and is recognised by the computer but the pen doesn't move the mouse. 

The tablet is a One by Wacom

The Operating system is Windows 10.

What could be the problem.

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