Is this possible?

I know if an ipad is lost/stolen it can be traced via the serial number if the ipad was set up for that. However, when sending an email, can that serial number be traced ss the sender or does the same rule apply that an ip address is where the email was sent.

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  • 8 months ago

    I am not aware of any email programs that include the serial number of the unit used to send it in the email.  Thus you could not use an email to determine the serial number.

    An email can contain the IP address of the computer used to send the email.  But normal what is sent is NOT the IP of the actual computer, but the IP of the router used to connect to the Internet, it is still not possible to prove that an email came from a specific computer using the IP address.

    Plus if you are using a laptop and connect to a hot spot, you will get a random IP that can not be traced back to your PC.  Also depending on if your ISP uses dynamic or static IPs, your address may change ever time you connect to the Internet.  So your would not have the same IP address.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You can't identify the serial number of a device an email is sent from. The value of the seial number is that when you report it to the police and they find a device in the posession of a thief, then they have valuable evidence. With CCTV footage we supplied of the perp the police got him sent down. 

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