Internet drops 10+ times a day?

This is the state of my internet for past 2 years atleast.

My net drops atleast 10 times a day, and at 6am, every day. Does not reconnect for 1 minute atleast. At 6am, it remains disconnected for 5 or more minutes. I've had my modem/router replaced more than a dozen times, called tech support more times, had over a dozen technicians come to fix, but no resolve. 

-ISP: Rogers (Canada)

-Area: suburban, house

-Type: cable

-Modem/Router: combined in 1 box

-Connected devices: IPTV (wired), 3 cellphones, 1 laptop, and chromecast (wireless)

-Speed test (7am now): dl ~300mbps, ul ~22mbps

Internet drops at modem; connection lost on all devices.

No parental control settings on anything.

Wifi name & password changed every couple months.

Here's what the technicians have said/done over the years:

-add splitter

-remove splitter

-replace splitter

-replace cables outside home

-replace cables inside home

-replace modem/router

-signals are too low, we will increase it

-signals are too strong, we will decrease it

-connected devices may be hogging too much bandwidth causing router to disconnect; I shut off wifi on all devices except my phone for few days but no resolve

*All these measures have one thing in common - they fixed nothing. Literally nothing. Not even one bit of change*.

The last technician said there is some "noise" in your area, and that it is something to be done by ISP outside the home. My neighbors with the same service provider do not experience this issue.

What now?


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  • scan your computer for spyware delete your cookies do a disk clean up 

    check your hard drive.

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    1 year ago

    perhaps there are electromagnetic waves interfering somewhere in your house. call a certified electrician.

  • ?
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    1 year ago

    You may be getting interference from neighbouring wireless signals. 

    1)Change the broadcast channel on the router to channel to a less congested one than the current. You can download netstumbler or inssider (google them) and they will display the broadcast channels of any neighbouring wifi networks

    2)Turn off any baby alarms cordless phones wireless doorbells as these use the same 2.4Ghz frequency

    3)Update the firmware of the router and drivers for your PC/laptop

    4)if you are at the limits of the wifi range consider a wifi mesh system or moving closer to the router

    5) Poor quality router and/or wifi adapter. This is especially true of ISP supplied routers and cheap laptops that have N150 wifi cards fitted


  • ron h
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    1 year ago

    guessing.... for the daily At 6am stop and start, do you have any 'puter or 'net modem maintenance auto scheduled for that time?  Defrag, antivirus updating?   I'm not aware of a combo tv/ internet modem but if that exists and you've got one, could THAT be updating the TV programming on a schedule?  My TV modem does that, but it's NOT my 'net modem.   If you've not un/reinstalled your wireless NIC drivers, try that.  Look into the modem and change the wireless channel.  Test by using ethernet cable for a day.

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  • 1 year ago

    get a dell....this is pretty simple (kids stuff) i recommend the gamer model - that one with the red fans. i was having a speed problem and my son (a gamer) recommended a new pc. talked to sanjay and went with the all the bells and whistles. now when hes gaming the tv turns on and off really fast (flickering) it even sucks the internet out of that wire to boot!

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