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Right hand and arm feels like it's been burnt (but it hasn't). What could cause this?

It's the right outer side of my lower arm as well as the entire right side of my upper hand. When I touch my skin, it feels exactly like a bad sunburn. I never go out in the sun, I just woke up like this. There are no visible signs of irritation, no redness or dryness- just the sensation. There is also a tiny pink mark on my right outer wrist (next to the bone) and it hurts a lot when I touch it. It feels like the area is bruised under the skin (there is no actual bruise, just the light pink mark).

There is literally no explanation for this. I slept for a few short hours, then woke up with these symptoms. Perhaps I was abducted by aliens... XD


audrey: No, the mark isn't a spider bite. It feels like I slammed my wrist hard up against a wall. There's no raised skin there or any sign of puncture- it just feels like a bruise right down to the bone.

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  • audrey
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    1 month ago

    Are you sure that little pink mark isn't a spider bite?

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  • y
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    1 month ago

    Tweaked a nerve while you slept, or didn't realize you bumped it. It should go away on it's own but if it last more then a week, or it gets worse. See your doc.

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