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Samsung Photos Date Meta Data Changed, Trying to get back the Original Download Date for Sorting?

I've upgraded my Samsung Galaxy 5 to a Galaxy 7 and have tried to transfer all my files to the new device. However Smart Switch wasn't recognizing my Private Mode folder so my solution was to Unprivate the photos and put them in a new folder. However that in itself wasn't easy as I had to temporarily delete apps to make room for multiple folders for the files.

However it was all still in order when I put them back into private mode on both phones. Next day however everything's jumbled no matter if I sorted by Date or Date Taken or anything. Turns out it's reading both the Date Modified as well as Date Created for almost all the files as the same January 2020 date, even though some files names are literally 2019.04.05.jpg. Different Image gallery apps are also reading it incorrectly as well as trying to upload them to PC.

Asking for help since even with an EXIF Data Editor not all my files names have the original date on them and I can't remember the exact order I had everything. Is Private Mode itself the reason everythings screwed up? Any possible way of recovering the OG dates or ways to dynamically sort my files beyond simple stuff like name or date if it can't be fixed?

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