Doug asked in HealthDental · 4 weeks ago

Im concered about this neck lump?

Ive had a lump on the back right side of my neck for more than a month now, its non painful, kinda hard and immovable. Ive been reading online and im freaking out about cancer. My back bottom molars had been hurting under the gums for a couoke off days, but then it suddenly stopped hurting. I havent checked my temp at all, so idk if i have a fever. I dont have a doctor since ive changed states, thats why im here. I have also had a stuffy nose for a while. Please im honestly scared

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  • kelvin
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    4 weeks ago

    no your are a huge hypochondriac troll as you don't have cancer

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  • 4 weeks ago

    i do not know what to tell ya, you need to have it checked-out by a doctor..


    my best guess that this is a swelling in one of the Salivary glands - most commonly the Parotid gland - that produces saliva in the mouth.. due to the rapid onset, this swelling can be caused by an infection or by an obstruction in the pipe-line.. the pain would be stronger when hungry, when smelling food, and during chewing.. the pain would be referred (felt elsewhere) to the gum and teeth..(referred pain is a pain that is felt elsewhere, like when someone is having a heart-attack, the pain is felt on the left shoulder and the left arm)..

    infected swollen lymph nodes can produce similar pain, but swollen salivary gland is more common; but either way, you need to see a doctor at a local clinic (General Practitioner GP or family doctor).. 

    please note that lumps and bumps in the neck, falls under General Surgery, so if the GP or the family doctor (what we call a GP in the UK and many parts of the world) refer you to a General Surgeon, it does NOT mean that surgery is the only way to treat those bumps and lumps; it is just how medicine are divided.. such lumps in the neck fall under General surgery..there are some home remedies that you can try such as applying cold on the lump - start with something simple like a bottle filled with ice water applied on the lump.. and applying light pressure as long it does not hurt much.. but such methods often fail and may buy you few days before it gets really bad..

    do not use opioid pain killers, use NSAIDs pain killers, like Aspirin, Diclofenac or Ibuprofen, unless you have regular Gastric pain (peptic ulcers or Gastritis) of which you only have Paracetamol to help you.. those are OTC over-the-counter meds that do not require doctors' prescription..`all the best

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  • Ludwig
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    4 weeks ago

    If you suspect you may have molars in your back bottom, you should request a colonoscopy.

    You will not have molars in your front bottom, that is something nasty people tell teenage boys to scare them away from women.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Are you Doug from The King of Queens? LOL HAHHHHAHA fatty!!!

    • Doug4 weeks agoReport

      Thank you for the information, this was very helpful

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