Can I distribute a song without permission?

I've been watching a lot of rap artists remixing songs from artists like Eminem, Drake, Kendrick & others. Then, these songs are available on Spotify and on almost every possible streaming service.

They don't take permissions to do it. These are not samples but actual beats (rearranged at times). Sometimes, they transpost it 1/2 semitone & sometimes they switch the BPM of their masters (eg. 90 BPM to 89.98). I know this can fool streaming systems.

But how about me remixing a track without tormenting anything & distributing it through Tunecore? Will I get sued? What is the worst that could happen. Help.

2 Answers

  • blank
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    You need permission.

    Only parodies are legel with out permission.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    As you seem to know, you can't legally distribute, publish, sell, give away or make available publicly something that someone else has created unless you have permission of the copyright holder.

    It makes no difference whether you use an existing recording or make a completely new one - it is illegal. Using an existing recording could be particularly risky because separate copyright could exist on the composition, the arrangement and the actual recording and could be owned by three different individuals or companies.

    Would you get sued? Who knows? If what you did was discovered I guess the most likely thing that would happen is that it would be removed and you'd be warned not to repeat the offence. In extreme cases you could be prosecuted and, from what you say, would certainly be found guilty with costs being awarded against you. This would be in addition to any fine imposed by the court.

    Stealing is always risky!

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