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What does my roommate want?

Hi! Just to disclose, I’m a bisexual woman in a relationship with another woman.

When I first started at my new job , I met A (my roommate), she reminded me of an ex which led to a weird tension between us. In the first month of me being there, she neglected to tell me that she had a bf. She remained flirty throughout. 

Flash forward to June of last year when we decided to be roommates, things really started getting weird:

- I saw her open her phone onto my insta page

- we went to a restaurant where I got tipsy and stated that I think everyone at their core is somewhere on the LGBT spectrum and some just need it to be unlocked to which she replied “are you gonna unlock it in me”

- she got mega drunk one night at our apartment and started to fondle me and run her nails up and down my thighs and grabbed my face like she was gonna kiss me (my gf was right in the room)

- she, who previously declared she was straight, showed me a youtube video about guessing other people’s sexual orientation in which the topic of pansexuality came up and I had to explain it to her and she was like “oh interesting. i could see myself with a woman. I just can’t end up with one but I know a woman can make me feel good”

Then in December her bf got shot and that broke her, but she has since sent me 2 e-transfers with the question “do u love me” and the answer being “yes”. The most recent one, I asked her if I was supposed to answer yes and she was like “ye, is that how you feel”. 

What’s going on?


She also frequently says ''you're so cute"

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    damn this story is hot lol

    write more write more ! ^_^

    lol  @ “are you gonna unlock it in me”

    : ))

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